video avenue


Catch Brisbane lads Video Avenue along with Birdhouse this weekend as they launch their new single Homewrecker.

Homewrecker of Video Avenue

Brand new Brisbane outfit Video Avenue have launched onto the scene with their indie-rock tune, and debut release Homewrecker; an upbeat track about distrust and love.

To celebrate the bands launch and the release of Homewrecker; Video Avenue will be playing at Rics Bar on Saturday, July 1 with Melbourne mates Birdhouse.

Homewrecker is the debut release for this fresh Brisbane outfit formed as group project for vocalist James Walmsley, guitarist Jacob Dunn, bassist Liam Beazley, and a reprieve from the heavy scene for Bayharbour drummer Nat Patterson.

The single was born out of a personal experience for Walmsley, and the song is a moment to get the bad blood out of his system.

"Homewrecker is a song about going out and seeing someone who is a 'homewrecker'; someone who prides themselves on ruining relationships," said Walmsley.

"You know the homewrecker is sick of their lifestyle and wants to settle down, but you don't want that person now; regardless of how they've changed."

These themes carry into the song using some simple, but well executed techniques.

"The song is written in a progressive manor, so the drum beat is a constant; as if it were a thought process, like an underlining reminder the person in question is bad news," said Patterson.

"The guitar and bass is written with the focus on the verse, they're really light in technicality, and everything gravitates around the equilibrium of the track; the chorus. The vocals are the drive for of this one," said guitarist, Jacob Dunn.